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la revolution

A burgeoning new Paris scene is embracing live music in a big way.

Setting themselves up as the saviours of French rock, young bright things across Paris are meeting to express themselves, and now they are coming here to show us how it’s done.

With an explosion in numbers of live venues in Paris, France has birthed a new generation of young French rock acts, of which Plastiscines are leading the way.

It was at a Libertines concert in 2004 that three high school mates from the Paris suburbs, Zazie, Marine and Katty, met Louise, who had just traded in her harp for a bass. The quartet had barely been formed when it was spotted by Maxime Schmitt, Kraftwerk's producer, who promptly took them under his wing. Not long after EMI also realised their potential and signed them up to the Virgin Label In France in October 2006.

This just-out-of-school all-girl pop rock band composes short jumping numbers with a tart taste similar to the B-52s and the exhilarating energy of the Slits. With a sound reminiscent of all their many inspirations, the Ramones - The Kinks - Stooges - Libertines - Cramps - Buzzcocks - Television - The Clash - White Stripes, and with obvious similarities to Blondie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs they are not far from being The Strokes of France, albeit a female one.

The "Paris Calling" compilation is the first studio album by this French live scene, and a number of artists (Second Sex, Hellboys) featured on the album will be troubling festivals up and down Britain this summer. The interest in playing shows in Britain is seen as a direct reaction to the struggling French Radio, whose quota system, which governs the stations, states that 40% of all songs played must be in French. Thereby stifling the amount of airplay English singing French acts can get.

Plastiscines release their debut single ‘Loser’ and album ‘LP1’ on February 12 and they play the Borderline on May 4.

“The explosive ‘Shake and Rake’ elegantly delivers rock'n'roll in high heels that is chic and torrid” – Because Music

To hear forthcoming French single ‘Loser’ and ‘Lost in translation’ head on over to their MySpace page here

For more photos and the video to loser visit their EMI ecard…here

MP3: Plastiscines - Loser

Video: Plastiscines - Loser


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